30 June 2017

Around Europe…

By  Jim  Katsionis on  27 June 2017 Barcelona’s return to the past, Saras’ offseason, Milan and many more in the established Hoopfellas’ trip to every corner in Europe…
28 June 2017

The “key” behind Printezis…

By Jim  Katsionis on 24 June 2017 Hoopfellas focuses on Olympiacos’s need to acquire a PF who will give the necessary boost to the team and the […]
27 June 2017

Hoopfellas 2017 NBA Mock Draft

Hoopfellas 2017 NBA Mock Draft By  Jim Katsionis on 21 June 2017   The great night of the summer is approaching and the global market turns its attention to […]
21 June 2017

The secret lies in Bavaria… (Grab him)

By Jim Katsionis on 16 June 2017   Last year Panathinaikos looked at the Basque Country for their market targets. It’s a bit to the north this […]
18 June 2017

The throne room..

The throne room… By  Jim  Katsionis on 15 June 2017        “There comes a time when our majesty, we ourselves have to move to the throne […]
15 June 2017

Defend The Land..

    By  Jim Katsionis  on 11 June 2017     The aggressive compact Panathinaikos of Xavi Pascual sent Olympiacos to the “Painland” for 40 minutes in Game […]
10 June 2017

The window of the soul..

  By Jim Katsionis on 7 June 2017     It is said that eyes are the window to the soul. Staring Panathinaikos right in there, the […]
5 June 2017

Day dreamer, Νight thinker..

Day dreamer, Νight thinker.. By  Jim Conway on 4 June 2017 Lacking concentration on defense, but having faith and great will, Panathinaikos managed to beat the mentally strong […]
1 June 2017

A habit is the “animal” inside us…

By  Jim Conway on 30 May 2017 November, the start of the 2016-17 season and Hoopfellas wonders if the decisive advantage of “emotional intelligence” has left OAKA and […]