26 February 2017

FILE: “GREEK NATIONAL TEAM COACH”: Decisions, Determine, Destiny..

      Hoopfellas opens up the discussion on the next Greek national team coach and combines its comments with the shortlist of the candidates with […]
24 February 2017

Around Europe…

  Hoopfellas begins its trip around Europe from Thessaloniki and reaches New Orleans, as we comment on the first title matches of the season and the […]
19 February 2017

You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’..

      The greatest triumphs of propaganda have been achieved not by acting, but by omitting. Truth is important, but, from a practical viewpoint, hiding […]
8 February 2017

2016-17 Hoopfellas Euroleague Power Rankings (4)

  By  Jim Conway on 5 February 2017     We are over the 2/3 of the season and Hoopfellas presents the fourth edition of this year’s Power […]