25 April 2017

Ηats Off..

By Jim Conway on 24 April 2017     The coaching monsters throw their shadow over predictions and hot home courts in the Euroleague Playoffs. Road […]
24 April 2017

The man who plays “at home” in hell..

The man who plays “at home” in hell.. By  Jim Conway on 20 April 2017       When the conditions of the game resemble hell, Obradovic just […]
21 April 2017

Hoopfellas 2016-17 EL Playoffs Predictions: Why is always Dante..?

  Why is always Zoc…? 700 years ago, Dante Alighieri through his “Divine Comedy” formed the view the world has today on hell. In the new […]
16 April 2017

2017 EL Playoffs: Basketball Industry Predictions

2017 EL Playoffs: Basketball Industry Predictions By Jim Conway on 13 April 2017   Hoopfellas hosts Lazaros Papadopoulos, who will talk about the 4 playoff pairings of this […]
13 April 2017

Back to good ol’ times

Back to good ol’ times By  Jim Conway on 10 April 2017  The Greeks do it again! Olympiacos and Panathinaikos got the home court advantage and the road […]
7 April 2017

Mont Saint Michel (Athens)…

    The tide of Mont Saint Michel of the Euroleague (OAKA) choked CSKA Moscow, who failed to walk the way to the castle and got […]
31 March 2017

  Playing basketball from the pages of a James Joyce novel, Panathinaikos took the great road win they needed in Vitoria despite the grotesque spectacle of […]
23 March 2017

2016-17 Hoopfellas Euroleague Power Rankings (5)

    Just before the final week’s “double games” action begins and the end of the regular season clearly appearing in the horizon, the engines are […]
18 March 2017

To Lojeski or Not..?

Olympiakos is sticking to their favorite contract renewal tactic for another key-player of the team in the case of Matt Lojeski. Are the Reds playing with […]
8 March 2017

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored..

  Facts do not cease to exist just because… they are ignored. Hoopfellas on the two “eternals” and what they go through in the final stretch of […]