25 October 2017

The diamond of continuous improvement…

  By  Jim Katsionis on  22 October 2017     Olympiacos’ Weave offense that only temporarily covers, but does not solve problems, and the difficulties in building Xavi […]
14 October 2017

    Smells like Euroleague today. We are coming into the week the Euroleague starts…. Three days before the season we’ve all been expecting kicks-off, Hoopfellas […]
7 October 2017

Evaluation: Recruiting in this year’s Euroleague

By Jim Katsionis on  2 October 2017 Ten days before the Euroleague starts, Hoopfellas honours its tradition and evaluates the recruiting of some of the league’s teams. A first […]
2 October 2017

Around Europe…

We are at a wintery mood, and, as the teams are in the process of the preseason. Hoopfellas makes its first trip “around Europe” for the […]