26 April 2018

A game of chess with Death…

  By Jim Katsionis on 23 April 2018 The different paths, the same reality and the “Seventh Seal” of the “eternals”. With Ingmar Bergman’s train of […]
20 April 2018

Hoopfellas 2017-18 EL Playoffs Predictions

  Eight teams, four matchups, one title. This is a time for heroes and strong minds. This is where history is written. Hoopfellas and coach Banchi […]
28 February 2018

The Comfort in Being Sad

By  Jim Katsionis on 26 February 2018   Inspired by the lyrics of Kurt Cobain, Hoopfellas writes about the “comfort of being sad” that can lead the two […]
9 February 2018

Choose Life..

  By  Jim Katsionis on 5 February 2018   The two “eternals” are walking on a slippery line between life and death each week, as emotions change […]
4 February 2018


By Jim Katsionis on 29 January 2018   Xavi Pascual’s Man to Man Trapping that reminded us of Shaka Smart’s “Havoc” and the “return” of Nick […]
26 January 2018

2017-18 Hoopfellas Euroleague Power Rankings III

  By Jim Katsionis on 22 January 2018   The Euroleague is almost at 2/3 of the season and things look more marginal than ever for […]
17 January 2018

Around Europe..

  The technical excellence of the Croatians, the “Straight to the Hoop” Latvian and the “academic” assets of Wilbekin. Hoopfellas makes its first trip around Europe […]
4 January 2018

Absolute Beginners..

By Jim Katsionis At the dawn of 2018, the two “eternals” are called to add to the winning know-how of Greek clubs with the thirst for […]
30 November 2017

The revenge of silence..

    By Jim Katsionis on 26 November 2017 Showing great mental reserves and taking advantage of KC Rivers’ and Jamel McLean’ killer instincts, the two Greek teams got […]
23 November 2017

No country for old men..

  The two “eternals enemies” had great moments both at an individual and team level in the double-game week we leave behind. The “reaction” of Roberts […]