15 September 2017

The limits of mysticism…

  Led by the atmosphere of mysticism that surrounds the knock-out games of these competitions, our national team walked over Lithuania and it is called to […]
4 September 2017

Hoopfellas Eurobasket 2017 Power Rankings

By Jim Katsionis on 28 August 2017 Who will stop the Spaniards? Who can hit them with a poisoned dart? Maybe West Europe (France) is up for it, or […]
28 August 2017

No more tears…

  By  Jim Katsionis  on 21 August 2017   At the time our country is still trying to recover from the shocking announcement that Giannis Antetokounmpo will not play […]
17 August 2017

FUN TO READ: Teams we loved…

  By  Jim Katsionis on  8 August 2017 We loved them not because they were the best or the highest quality teams, but because they “clicked” with us. Hoopfellas […]
1 August 2017

Wings» Of Change..

  Can a wing player that will complete the roster of the two “eternals” bring a wind of change to the atmosphere and the character of […]
30 July 2017

Around Europe

In the middle of summer’s offseason with the transfer temperature going up, Hoopfellas takes its usual “dive” in the European market..
25 July 2017

40 Μinutes Of Hell..

  By  Jim Katsionis on 16 June 2017   Marcus Denmon: from the so-called “40 minutes of hell”of Missouri to Europe and now Panathinaikos. Raised in the M2M […]
15 July 2017

Eyes open…

  By Jim  Katsionis on 11 July 2017 Olympiacos was struck by the NBA “thunder” losing Khem Birch overnight while focusing their efforts on finding a guard […]
10 July 2017


  Hoopfellas is back with a “must” article for the summer, as the offseason is still underway. The choice of Value/Money players from various leagues is […]
7 July 2017

The elf from the Baltic…

By  Jim  Katsionis on 1 July 2017     Panathinaikos found their own elf to add to their backcourt deep in the Baltic forest, expecting to bring some […]